Boijmans Van Beuningen  


The print room and depository of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen follows the concept and design by

Marieke van Diemen

Tweede Kamer 


Van Diemen gives cultural heritage a seat in the Parliament

Featured Works

Marieke van Diemen, artist, works and lives in Amsterdam, specializes in installations, sculpture and photography


Intervention #1 Vases

In the past fifteen years Van Diemen started several collections in order to investigate its premises.


Series Soli 

With this series of sculptures Van Diemen won the prestigious W.F.C. UriƓt Award during her residency at Rijksakademie.


Framing Berlin

In Framing Berlin 'the void', as general state of mind of the 'U-Bahn traveller', is subject.


Since 1999 Van Diemen is working on a series of photographs taken during her visits at museums.